Our Story & Values

Seams&... was launched in 2022 with one simple goal - to help young men feel confident in their clothes, so they can be their most authentic selves. Whether you’re skating, cycling, getting to grips with parkour or just hanging out, your goals and dreams are valid. You can achieve anything. And we’re here to help you do it.

The '&...' in our name represents our collaboration with you. When we say Seams&... we’re looking for you to fill in the gap with your own story. Make our brand into what you want, and become whoever you want to be. Use our clothes to help enhance your day to day life, because when you look good, you feel good and you do good.

Our brand values are simple:


We want you to wear our clothes to express yourself, but never to define yourself. We’re here to keep you comfortable and capable, so you can crack on with the more important stuff. Like realising your ambitions and being authentically you.

We always do what’s right. We believe in a fair society, so we make fair choices. We pay our workers a good wage, make limited quantities to avoid waste and are learning more about sustainability, so we can do our bit to help save the planet.

Our curated collections are made to last. We’re the total opposite of fast fashion. We’re working on smarter ways to reuse our clothing too, and as our business grows we want to avoid depleting natural resources all together. Watch this space.

Our founder Adam, makes sure these values touch every element of our business. He works directly with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure you get the best clothing possible, so you can become the best version of you. He calls this commitment to positive values our ‘essential DNA’, and he says that nurturing good values early in life can only lead to good things in the future. And we believe him.

He’s also really into the idea of UK business. That’s why we only collaborate with UK designers, and all our pieces are named after UK cities we respect. LDN, MNC, LPL, LDS - we have love for them all. And we want to see Seams&... in every city.