Top 5 Summer Activities

Give these unique (and free) experiences a go, for a summer to remember

Summer holidays can drag when you’re doing the same thing everyday, (you know it’s getting bad when you’re even bored of the Xbox / PS5). So instead of spending hours scrolling and feeling like you’re wasting the day, text your mates or head out solo and try these cool things to do this summer that don’t cost a thing.

Start a cycle challenge
If you’re got a bike (or a board) why not create a challenge to see how far you can go in one day? Make the route a loop so you don’t end up miles from home, but set a goal and see who can make it first. You can go with friends if you live in the same city, or just track your miles on an app like Running Distance Tracker and challenge mates in other towns. You could even just challenge yourself, and see if you can beat your personal best as the summer goes on. It’s a great workout, fun and free.

Camp outside for the night
Swap your bedroom for your back garden for the night and sleep under the stars. Sounds a bit childish but honestly, there’s nothing better than being outside in the fresh air and waking up with the sun! Not got a garden? Ask a mate if you can go Bear Grylls in theirs or see if there’s a field nearby that allows overnight camping.

Volunteer for a local cause
The best way to feel good? Do good. And nothing makes the summer more memorable than by helping out someone who needs it. There are lots of different ways you can make a difference, probably have a right laugh and make some new mates along the way. Use The Prince’s Trust map tracker to find opportunities in your area or call their free phone line for advice on how to get started.

Organise a group game
When the weather is good there’s only so much gaming you can do on a screen, so get outside and soak up that sun. If you have a big family, invite your cousins to a big game of cricket, rounders or football. Just got a few local mates - team up and play tennis, basketball or whatever you’re best at. Loser buys the ice cream.

Do a random act of kindness
Making someone’s day can be as simple as mowing their grass or moving your bike so they can get a parking space. Try and set yourself the goal of doing one random act of kindness for a stranger or someone you know each week of the summer. The gestures don’t have to be big, and they don’t even have to know it was you who did them, but putting positive vibes out there is entertaining enough. Like we always say: do good, look good, feel good.

Hopefully that’s given you inspo for summer and you’re ready to get out there. When you do, make sure you wear Seams&... to feel comfortable, cool and like the real you.
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