Learn why we name our products after UK places

At Seams&... we’re proud to say our entire debut collection has been designed in Huddersfield, UK. While it might not be the fashion capital of the world, we think there’s something special about being proud of (and having respect for) where you come from. That’s why all our pieces are inspired by various cities around the UK. No matter where you’re based, wear these cities with pride and help to make them a better place. Didn’t realise the story behind our product names? We’ll explain…

Our LDN t-shirt is, of course, inspired by our capital city. A day in London could lead you pretty much anywhere, which is why our LDN t-shirt is ready for anything. Cinema, cycling, climbing the O2… it’s got your back and can do it all.
SEAMS&... top spot in London? The Southbank Skate Park is pretty sweet.

Manchester is one of the best cities in the north, so we had to give its name to one of our best designs - the MNC drawstring hoodie. The zip pocket on the chest is ideal if you're out exploring the city and want to keep your phone and stuff safe.
SEAMS&... top spot in Manchester? Chill Factore makes skiing in summer possible.

Liverpool is the inspiration for the LPL zip-up hoodie. The blue colourway is a nod to the city’s waterfront, and just like the city, this top layer is super versatile. Wear it as a lightweight jacket for a walk by the docks or as a tracksuit when you’re chilling.
SEAMS&... top spot in Liverpool? Literally any of the city’s sports stadiums.

Our RDG cargo trousers are a nod to the city of Reading. There’s tons of stuff to do in Reading, so you’re going to need to fill the pockets on our cargo trousers with the essentials. Phone, wallet and some sunnies for when you sit by the Thames.
SEAMS&... top spot in Reading? Walking along the riverbank = free and fun.

Bristol is a city that’s really into being active and eco-friendly, so the BRS joggers fit in perfectly. They’re cuffed at the legs so you can easily ride your bike or skate in them. Plus they’re made in small batches to be more sustainable.
SEAMS&... top spot in Bristol? Ashton Court Mountain Biking Trail is the one.

Our LDS beanie hat was made to celebrate the city of Leeds. One of the best spots in Yorkshire, it has tons of nature spots to explore. And you know what you need when you’re out adventuring in the dales? A hat to keep you warm. We got you.
SEAMS&... top spot in Leeds? Surprise View - google it and thank us later.

We couldn’t forget our neighbours in Wales, so we named the CDF sweatshirt after the city of Cardiff. Fun fact, Cardiff has a crazy amount of castles. We don’t sell suits of armour, but we do have the CDF sweatshirt with its chest pocket. Kind of the same…
SEAMS&... top spot in Cardiff? Cardiff International White Water can be crazy.

Can’t spot your city in our line up? We design all of our collections in limited quantities to save on waste, but watch this space as more styles will drop soon.
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