Athleisure And You

Work out what to wear when you’re feeling casual

Want to feel comfortable but still look good? Loungewear (also known as athleisure) is your best bet. It’s ideal for everyday wear or being active in. But knowing what to wear can be tricky. In this guide, we explain the basics of casual dressing, and how you can find t-shirts, hoodies, sweats and trousers that best suit you and your vibe.

Crew neck T-shirts look good on everyone. They don’t show off your chest like a V-neck or scoop neck style (leave that to the gym bros), and they’re ideal for all year round (unlike roll necks which are definitely a winter only option). When it comes to fit, you make the rules. Size up on any T-shirt for a relaxed, laidback fit or size down for a slim fit. If you’re wearing our LDN T-shirt, you can take your regular size.

Which hoodie is the best? It’s a tough call between the zipped and the pull-on. If you’re pretty active or spend a lot of your time just being outside, you’ll probably prefer the LPL zip-up hoodie. The MNC hoodie is a little bit smarter, so if you’re meeting mates or going to the cinema, something like that might be a better shout. How should a hoodie fit? Again, it’s your call. Most have a relaxed shape so you can layer them over t-shirts, but if you want an even looser fit you can always go up a size or two. This will give you a more baggy, skater look.

All sweatshirts have crew necks, so you don’t need to stress about if the style will suit your body shape. It’s more about just choosing the colour that fits your vibe. The CDF sweatshirt comes in two colours and is lined with fleece, so you can easily wear it on its own and be warm enough. Can a sweatshirt be worn in summer too? Totally. Paired with shorts, a sweatshirt is an ideal everyday look.

Are joggers going out of style? Absolutely not. Jogging bottoms are an athleisure classic, and they’re so comfortable they’ll never be uncool. How are joggers supposed to fit? Tight at the ankle but slightly looser everywhere else - this makes it really easy to move around in them. The BRS joggers are ideal for everyday. Streamlined and sleek, but with a sporty edge. Wear them with anything.

Cargo trousers
Knowing how to style cargo pants can be tricky but they’re so comfortable you just have to cop a pair. Are cargo pants supposed to be baggy? Yes. Cargo trousers are naturally wider in the leg, so if you pair them with an oversized or baggy top you’re going to be drowning in fabric. Wear them with a regular or slim fit top to balance out your body shape and you’ll look fire.

Hopefully this guide has helped you work out which pieces to add to your wardrobe, but remember - you make the rules. Don’t let anyone else dictate what you wear and how to wear it. If you do good in it, you’ll look good in it and feel good in it.

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